Growing the Grind Backend


The struggle is real...

Any graphic designer or videographer will tell you, the struggle is real. The Font Game: enraging. The Music Game: infuriating.

Finding the perfect font for that new logo you're designing or the billboard that has to go up next week can mentally drain you. You literally stare at fonts for hours trying to fontinize a word (yeah I just made that word up). Eventually that word doesn't even look right. Did I spell it correctly? Has it always been spelled that way? What a funny way to pronounce a word.

And don't even think about using the overdones (another made up word): Papyrus, Arial, Times New Roman, etc. They're like that pair of shorts you've had for 10 years that you wear out in public all the time and it embarrasses your wife to no end because she can see that they don't really fit you that well anymore and they're completely out of style...but I digress.  Let's be real, you'll just end up reaching into your usual bag o' fonts. Cambria it is...

Now the Music Game is a whole other sh*tstorm. So many intricacies in ambient music for a video. Is is too fast? Too slow? What is the ideal beat per minute? Does hip hop really fit this video about dying animals? Will acousticy (another one), folk music work for this football highlight? So many variables. The music in a video can really make it or break it. You can elicit all sorts of emotions with the perfect music. So you listen for hours analyzing details; genre, category, mood, movement, energy, tempo, length. Eventually you've listened to every song and you're on the eighth page of a list as you tap your foot to Polka Fever 4.

I think what I'm trying to say is that there is a lot that goes into a design or video. It's so much more than shapes, colors, lighting, and audio. So pay attention to the details and thank your designer or videographer. A lot of headache went in to making that project fantabulous (made up).