Growing the Grind Backend


We did a thing...

Sooooo we finally joined the Owensboro Chamber of Commerce. It wasn't like we don't want to be there, we just kept putting it off. We went to the monthly Rooster Booster at the Owensboro Convention Center, had a lovely breakfast, were introduced to over 400 people, and overall enjoyed our welcome to the Chamber. The potential for clients is great and the exposure to the community should be just as awesome.

But let's get to the real point of this post...we started a blog!!! Why on earth would a visual media company start typing out stories? Well, two reasons really. First, it's great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basically, anyone searching Google for a photographer, videographer, or social media help will have a greater chance of finding Wonder Boy Media. Secondly, we have the opportunity to be in a lot of awesome places and do some incredible things. We want to share those experiences with you. Perhaps, we teach you some tricks of the trade, or even learn from you in your comments (that you'll surely contribute to).

We have revamped the website a bit and made it a little more user friendly and easily navigable. More about that in another post, so for now, enjoy the website, enjoy the blog, and most importantly we hope you enjoy our work!